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My Yuletide fics

Symmetry. Mansfield Park, for nano. Someone reccing it describe this as 'very non-explicit Crawfordcest' which about sums it up. The Austen voice is a bit wobbly, but I wrote it in two hours on Christmas Eve so I'm not sure what more you can expect.

Just Another Day In The Secret Base, for Starlady. I saw the Disney Princesses Superheroes art by Kreugan and I could not resist. The other fics in this mini-fandom are all amazing and I'd urge you to read them too. Even though everyone else went for sincerity and I just made bad jokes, which is like a microcosm of my participation in fandom. There was very nearly a 'green women's tears' joke in this one.

On Three, for faithful4you. Vampire Diaries, non-explicit femslash. 'Strong female characters' is one of those phrases that has gone through cliché and out the other side, but the main female characters on The Vampire Diaries (apart from poor Bonnie, who quite often gets sidelined into the role of The Only Person Willing To Complain About The Town Being Full Of All The Damn Vampires) make me happy. They have genuine friendships which have genuine rivalries intertwined into them. They have motivations beyond 'give themselves to the geeky male protagonist for no good reason' or 'deny themselves to the geeky male protagonist, for what he thinks is no good reason'! They come over as much like real young women as anyone in a daft series featuring werewolves and set in a town where everyone is a 20-year old playing 17 or a 20-year-old playing 37 can! And this is my homage to that.

Where's Our Girlfriend? for redbrunja. Vampire Diaries again, with some mild het. AU. What can I say, I really like working out AUs.

Young Vampire Slayers In Love for Calasara. Young Dracula futurefic femslash. This one was a pinch-hit, and an absolute joy to write.

What Didn't Happen To Edith, for Irmelin. Downton Abbey. Written because it is a terrible shame for anybody not to get to marry Robert Bathurst, even if it was Edith's own daft fault for not having the sense to write an anonymous letter and bounce it via a proxy at her aunt Rosalind's house in Berkeley Square.

The Opposite Of Swarb, for Isis. Connie Willis' Bellwether. My main story, and the one I sweated and toiled over to make it as perfect as possible. This one has vampire bats in. Are you seeing the unintentional theme yet?

I also urge you to go and read the other Bellwether story, Everything's Better With... by squeequeg, because it is brilliance from the tags onwards.


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Jan. 1st, 2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
*AO3 still being tedious about commenting on it.*

I had comepletely forgotten there might be Downton fic - I loved What Didn't Happen to Edith. She's awful (of course), but she might have been nicer with Robert Bathurst, and surely happier.
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