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Written for Yuletide 2008. Veritas: the Quest. U, but there's some UST between Nikko and Calvin. Vincent probably shoots and / or karate kicks a lot of people, but he does it offstage. :)
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Written for Yuletide 2008. Beta-read by the wonderful LithiumDoll. U. AU: what if Nikko Zond had been a girl?
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The May-Born King

Written for Yuletide 2008. My own take on Arthurian legend this time rather than the Merlin UK team's. PG for mention of incest and torture.
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Reasons Why

Written for Yuletide 2008. Merlin UK. U. Morgana reflects on her connection to the boy Mordred.
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Merlin UK. Beta-read by duranorak, who rocks. Spoiler warning for, well, pretty much every version of the Arthurian legend ever. :)
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Puck Shall Make Amends

Written for rosathome. U. I wrote this having read one Players book and having had helpful crib notes on the second one from coughingbear: I know people have asked in the comments for Players fic from me in the past, but honestly, beyond this one, it's not going to happen.
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The Golden Ones

Written for Yuletide 2008. Felix / Shannon, more or less. NC-17 for sex, ghosts, and Mildmay's turn of phrase.

This one is the reason that the rest didn't get put on this journal here in the first place - someone mentioned it and the other Yuletide fics in the Doctrine of Labyrinths fandom on the_mirador and the mod said that she couldn't 'condone' fanfic because she 'respect[ed] the author's wishes of no fanfiction'; but since it actually turns out that the author's expressed wishes come down to ''don't tell me about fanfiction' rather than 'no fanfiction', and I'm not telling her about it and it's already publicly available on the Yuletide archive anyway, I don't see why it shouldn't also be here.

So, yeah, it's here. Condone it or not as you please. Many thanks to aella_irene for beta-reading!
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I'm about to post my 2008 Yuletide fics here so that they're backed up during the move to An Archive Of Our Own - sorry for spamming your friends lists!

Dear Yuletide Writer

Hi! I'm signed up to Yuletide as ankaret, but my ankaret journal is friendslocked because of internet dramas past, so my Dear Yuletide Writer is over here on my fic journal. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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The Provincial Lady and the Pageant

Written for faithhopetricks. The Provincial Lady and all other characters belong to the estate of E.M Delafield, apart from various royal figures who belong to history. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made from this work.
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